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Power Trowel Cum Floater With Electric Motor

Floating & Troweling take place right after dewatering. Floating operation is done with Floating disc. This makes the cement more compact and enabling to generate a very smooth finish. Trowelling is done with Trowel blades in order to further improve the wear resistance, minimize dusting and obtain smoother finish

Technical Data

Diameter  1000 mm/600 mm   
Motor  3 hp Dual Speed Three Phase 
Speed   1500 to 3000 rpm
Disc Thickness    3.15 mm MS
Trowelling Blade   4 mm Thick (4 Nos.) 
Stopper   Clutch type stopper for immediate stop 
Dimension  L 2230 x W 1080 x H 1330 mm
Total Weight   130 kgs