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Facade Cleaning System

A large number of commercial high-rise buildings in India now have external glass curtain walls. Such buildings require constant maintenance, This is highly dangerous work which should be carried out by cleaners using Facade Access System with a Cradle suspended from the roof which replaces conventional scaffoldings. The system can be used for external brickwork, plastering, painting, finishing etc. CONCAT INDIA offers such sophisticated systems consisting of an electrically operated Hoisting machine incorporating a ‘a’ cable guidance system and Anti Inclination safety locks as well as Speed Limit safety locks. These are available upto 800kg capacity.These Cradle systems are easy to install on the roof of the building. The height of the suspension Jib, as well as the projecting length (front beam) is adjustable so the system can easily adapt to different Facades and Fascia’s as well as roof structures. Special systems can be designed to suit the users non standard requirements.This product is also know as Suspended Rope Platform Aluminum, Suspended Rope Platform, Hanging Suspended Platform, Suspended Platform, Suspended Work Platform, Suspended Aluminium Platform, Rope Suspended Platform, Hand Suspended Platform, Mobile Suspended Work Platform, Suspended Work Platform, Hanging Platforms, Suspended Access Platform, Suspended Cradle System, Rope Access Platform, Swing stage.

Model CONCAT L Shape Platform
Platform size 2.5 + 2.5 Meter
Material of platform Steel Platform-Hot Galvanized
Rated Load 800 Kg
Balance Weight 1000 Kg
Ascend Speed (Working Speed) 9 – 11 m/min
Wire Rope 4 x 31 Sw-FC-9.1
Wire Rope Size 9 mm
Wire Rope Length 100 Meter x 4 No
Structure Weight Approx. 800-900kg
Counter Weight 1000 Kg
Rated Lifting Force 5KN
Height Adjustment 1.15 – 1.75 m
Front Beam Extension 1.3 – 1.5 m
Power 1.8 KW x 2
Voltage 415 V / 3 Phase
Safety lock 2 No’s