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Concat-TSM/CPM Series Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant

Concat-TSM/CPM Series is dedicated to Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant with Twin Shaft Mixing & Pan Mixing Technology. This plant is available in two models. (CPM-20 &TSM-30 & TSM-45)

The flexibility of this plant begins in the different arrangements available. Four types of mixer models can be selected with a broad range of models: Single Shaft Mixer, Twin Shaft Mixer, PAN type Mixer & Planetary Mixer.

The main advantage of this plant is that it doesn’t require large foundations and others civil constructions. The time and money can be saved by easy transportation, assemble and disassemble when plant is shifting from one site to another site.

The constitution of the plant is made in welded construction of steel profiles. The complete structure is shot blasted before the primary coat of paint being implemented. There are two coats of paint of the color is being applied. Including elements like stairs, balconies, pavements, discharge mouths of the aggregates bins to resist to the attacks of the weather situations.

It’s easy to disassemble, transport and assemble again. In one week we assemble your plant in a new site producing concrete, saving you time and money.

Salient Features

• Available in 20 / 30 / 45 m3/hr. capacity.
• Compact and economically designed.
• Heavy duty structure.
• Plug-on & Operate” concrete batching plant.
• Less space required because of its compactness.
• Civil Foundation work is very fewer as compact design.
• Negligible owning & operating cost.
• Longer life of wear & tear parts.
• In-built control cabin.
• Especially quick erection & commissioning.
• Inbuilt pipeline of water, additive and pneumatic.
• Tilting type control cabin for easy transportation.
• One operator can run the plant.
• Single Shaft and Planetary Mixer Available on request.


• Cement / fly ash storage & conveying system from 20 to 100 MT capacity.
• Microwave Moisture Meter.
• Computer SCADA System with software.
• Radial Conveyor Belt for Aggregate Feeding

Technical Data

 Mixer Unit  Pan Mixer  Twin Shaft Mixer
 Geometrical Volume  1M3  1.7M3  2.5M3
 RCM Output/Batch  0.35M3  0.5M3  0.75M3
 Percentage Of Filling  40%  40%  40%
 Batch / Hour   60  60   60
 Discharge Height From G.L  Discharge In TM  Discharge In TM  Discharge In TM
 Capacity (8 Hours)  160 M3  240 M3  360 M3
 Cement Batching  BY Weight  By Weight  By Weight
 Cement Scale  400kg  500 KG  600kg
 Water Batching  By Weight  By Weight  By Weight
 Water Scale  250  350 KG  400 KG
 Aggregate Batching  By Weight  By Weight  By Weight
 Ad-Mix Batching  By Weight  By Weight  By Weight
 Number of Compartment  2/4  2-2/4  2-2/4
 Total Plant Length  11 Mtr.  11 Mtr.  11 Mtr.
 Plant Height  3.5 Mtr.  4.5 Mtr.  4.5 Mtr.
 Air Compressor  90 Ltr.  180 Ltr.  180 Ltr..
 Mixer Motor  20 HP  30 HP  40 HP
 Gathering Conveyor  10 HP  15 HP  15 HP
 Water Pump Motor  3 HP  3 HP  5 HP
 Air Compressor   3 HP  3 HP  3 HP
 Chemical Motor  1 HP  1 HP  1 HP
 Power Pack  2 HP  3 HP  3 HP
 Vibrator Motor  1 HP 1 HP  1 HP
 Cement Screw Conveyor  12.5 HP  12.5 HP  15 HP
 Net Power Consumption  52.5 HP  68.5 HP  83 HP
 Recommended D.G Set  62.5 KVA  85 KVA  110 KVA