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Fully Automatic Ready Mix Concrete Batching & Twin Shaft Mixing Plants

Fully Automatic Ready Mix Concrete Batching & Twin Shaft Mixing Plants

Concat – CTS Seris is a revolutionary designed model, in which we have used the design concept of very big capacity plants. The belt conveying system saves the time, reduces the maintenance and increases the output. This plant is suitable for RMC setup.

Salient Features

  • Concrete Batching / Mixing plant available in 45/60/90 m3/hr. capacity.
  • Aggregate stored by Inline Bins.
  • Aggregate weigh is suspended on Four “S” type load cells, gives higher accuracy.
  • Independent weighing system for Aggregate/Cement/Water & Additive.
  • Fully Automatic-Electronic operation with PLC/PC Control.
  • Required installation time is very less, due to Modular design.
  • Available with Single Shaft /Twin Shaft /PAN/Planetary type Mixers.
  • Reliable, Fast and Accurate Electronic Weighing System for major inputs.
  • Full service, technical support and spares back-up.


  • Cement / fly ash storage & conveying system from 20 to 200 MT capacity.
  • Microwave Moisture Meter.
  • Computer SCADA System with software.
  • Radial Conveyor Belt for Aggregate Feeding.

Technical Data

MODEL CTS - 45 CTS - 60
Mixer Unit - Twin Shaft
 Plant Capacity  45 M3  60 M3
 Assured Compacted Concrete Output (Max)  45 M3  60 M3
 Uncompacted Material Input (Max.)  65 M3  90 M3
 Mixer Technology  Twin Shaft Compulsory Concrete Mixer  Twin Shaft Compulsory Concrete Mixer
 Mixer Model  MSO 1000/750/DKX1.00 (2x15KW)  MSO 1500/1000/DKX1.00     (2x18.5 KW)
 Batches/Hour  45 M3  60 M3
 RMC Output/Batch  1 M3  1 M3
 Mixing Blade  8  12
 Batches Cycle/Min.  1 min.  1 min.
 Discharge Height form G.L  Discharge in TM  Discharge in TM
Electric Weighing Range with Load Cell
 Aggregate Scale  2250 kg  3000 kg
 Cement Scale  500 kg  600 kg
 Water Scale  225 kg  300 kg
 Ad-Mix Scale  5 kg  8 kg
Water Supply
 Pump Type  Monoblock Self-Section  Monoblock Self-Section
 Pump Bore  65  65
Weighing Conveyor
 Belt Length  24 mtr  25 mtr
 Belt Weidth  800 mm  1000 mm
Inclined Conveyor/Bucket Loading
 Belt Length  31 mtr  34 mtr
 Belt Weidth  800 mm  800 mm
Operation System
 Control Panel  Fully Automatic Computerised  Fully Automatic Computerised
   PLC Based Control System  PLC Based Control System
 Panel Model  SRK45  SRK60
 Indicator  TFT Colour Monitor with Dual Processor  TFT Colour Monitor With Dual processor
 PLC  Siemens/Delta/Allen Bradley  Siemens/Delta/Allen Bradley
Air Compressor
 Type    Self Suction  Self Suction
 Storage Tank  220 Itrs.  280 Itrs.
 Aggregates Storage Bin Feeder Capacity  60 Tons (15 T x 4)  100 Tons (25 T x 4)
 No. of Gates/Gates per Bin  4  8/2
 Max. Aggregates Size  64 mm  64 mm
 Inclined Conveyor  Yes  Yes
 Bucket Loading  Yes  Yes
 Batches Carrier Over Mixer  Yes  Yes
Power Consumption
 Discharge Conveyor  15 HP  15 HP
 Sand Vibrator  1x2 HP  1x2 HP
 Slinger Conveyor  15 HP  20 HP
 Twin Shaft Mixer Motor  20 HP  25 HP
 Lubrication Motor  1 HP  1 HP
 Hydraulic Power Pack  2 HP  3 HP
 Screw Conveyor Cement  15 HP  15 HP
 Screw Conveyor Fly Ash  15 HP  15 HP
 Water Pump  5 HP  5 HP
 Air Compressor  5 HP  7.5 HP
 Ad Mix Pump  1 HP  2 HP
 AC  3 HP  5 HP
 Net Power Consumption  99 HP  115.5 HP
 Recommended D.G. Set  125 KVA  150 KVA