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Concrete Mix Automation System (Model Genius)

Genius – the most versatile, configurable concrete mix automation controller is the flagship controller model of Sprint. Genius consists of eight inbuilt weighing channels, 2 inbuilt flow controller, 8 LED display windows, two line LCD display, 16 keys, 24 IO etc. The controller is loaded with strong software which takes care of complete auto operation of the plant irrespective of its design.

1. RMC Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant
2. Fly Ash Brick Making Plant

Standard Features

  1. MMI with Blue LCD display
  2. Specific menu assigned keys
  3. Built in weight indicators
  4. OUTPUT Status indicator in the front panel
  5. PC keyboard interface
  6. Hold/Resume function
  7. On line printer connectivity
  8. Test mode function
  9. Modular design

Optional Features:

  1. Data logging Facility
  2. Fully automatic plant operation
  3. PC connectivity
  4. Web camera
  5. SMS facility
  6. Email messaging facility