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Concat RD-Series Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant

Concat – RD Series is dedicated to Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant with Reversible Drum Technology with Boom Scraper. This plant is available in two models ( RD-20 & RD -30)

Technical Data

  Mixer Unit   Drum Mixer   Drum Mixer
  Plant Capacity/Hrs.   20 M3   30 M3
  Geometrical Volume   1.75 M3   2.25 M3
  RMC Output/Batch   0.5 M3   0.75 M3
  Percentage of Filling   35%   35%
  Batches/Hour   40   40
  Capacity (8 Hours)   160 M3   240 cum
  Discharge Height form GL   Discharge in TM   Discharge in TM
  Boom Scraper   In Built   In Built
  Cement Batching   By Weight   By Weight
  Aggregate Batching   By Weight   By Weight
  Ad-Mix Batching   By Weight   By Weight
  Water Batching   By Weight   By Weight
Power Consumption
  Drum Motor   10 HP   15 HP
  Skip Motor   10 HP   15 HP
  Cement Screw Feeder Motor   15 HP   15 HP
  Water Pump   3 HP   3 HP
  Compressor Motor   3 HP   3 HP
  Scraper Motor   10 HP   10 HP
  Chemical Motor   1 HP   1 HP
  Vibrators   1 x2 HP   1 X2HP
  Net Power Consumption   54 HP   64 HP
  Power Supply   415x30x50 Hz   415x30x50 Hz
  Recommended D.G Set   75 KVA   82 KVA