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Concat-CP Series Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant

Concat – CP Series is dedicated to Concrete Batching Mixing Plant with Pan Mixing technology with Boom Scraper This plant is available in two models (CP -30 & CP-45)

Salient Features

• Available in 30/45m3 / hr. Capacity with Pan type mixer.
• Skip Bucket is driven by single two speed geared motor with single brake.
• External glass cabin for inspection of entire operation.
• Independent weighing system for cement, water & additive
• Fully Automatic – Electronic operation with PLC / PC Control.
• Available with Radial Dragline / Star Bins / Inline Bins.
• Compact & Slim design
• Sturdy fabricated skip hoist track.
• Heavy duty PAN type mixer for continues mixing.
• Mixer discharge done by powerful hydraulic cylinder.
• Replaceable Tiles and Tips in to the mixer.
• Aggregate weigher is suspended on four shear beam type load cells, gives higher accuracy.
• Ample space on platform with protective railing for easy maintenance.
• Three side glass cabin for Radial Scrapper operator for extensive view.
• Maximum weighing accuracy.
• Completely close conveying system for cement to ensure absolutely no wastage.
• Full Service Technical Support & Spares Backup.
• Simple & Economical Foundation.


• Cement / fly ash storage & conveying system from 20 to 200 MT capacity.
• Chemical Additive dosating system.
• Online / Offline Printing system.
• Computer SCADA System with adequate software.

Technical Data

MODEL CP - 30 CP - 45
  Mixer Unit   Pan Mixer   Pan Mixer
  Capacity   30 M3   45 M3
  Geometrical Volume   1.7 M3   2.5 M3
  RMC Output/Batch   0.5 M3   0.75 M3
  Percentage of Filling   40%   40%
  Batches/Hour   60   60
  Capacity (8 Hours)   240 M3   360 M3
  Discharge Height form G.L   Discharge in TM   Discharge in TM
  Boom Scraper   In Built   In Built
  Discharge Gate Operating System   Hydraulic   Hydraulic
  Cement Batching   By Weight   By Weight
  Aggregate Batching   By Weight   By Weight
  Ad-Mix Batching   By Weight   By Weight
  Water Batching   By Weight   By Weight
  Pan Motor   30 HP   40 HP
  Skip Motor   10 HP   15 HP
  Screw Feeder Motor   15 HP   15 HP
  Water Pump   3 HP   5 HP
  Compressor Motor   3 HP   5 HP
  Scraper Motor   10 HP   10 HP
  Power Pack Motor   3 HP   3 HP
  Chemical Motor   1 HP   1 HP
  Vibrators   1x2 HP   1x2 HP
  Net Power Consumption   77 HP   96 HP
  Power Supply   415x30x50 Hz   415x30x50 Hz
  Recommended D.G Set   110 KVA   110 KVA