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Automatic Bag Slitting Machine

General :

The Machine is a versatile automatic emptying machine and earns it’s name owing to its ability to empty any type of bag be it paper, or HDPE of 25 – 50 kgs capacity. It is ideally suited to Indian conditions where the raw materials in bags are not properly sealed.

The overall system comprises of :

  1. Feed Conveyor
  2. Bag Emptying Machine
  3. Built-in Dust Extraction System
  4. Empty Bag Compactor
  5. Pneumatic Conveying system


  1. The system can be supplied in modular form.
  2. Capacity 20TPH.
  3. Saves labour.
  4. Totally dust free operation.
  5. Easy handling of empty bags.
  6. Space required – 9m x 3m x 6m
  7. Power requirement – 15kw approx (with conveyor/machine proper/DE system/empty bag compactor)