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10/7 CFT Digital Concrete Mixers Hydraulic Hopper Machine

ConCat 10/7 CFT Digital Concrete Mixer Hydraulic Hopper Machine  is used to mix quantified amounts of cement, sand & other aggregates to produce concrete of the required grade. Concrete Mixer has a capacity of 10/7 Cft and has two separate bins for weighing. Both Bins have load cell based weighing system for maintaining accurate ratios for cement mixing. Automatic Water Pump stops once set amount of water is pumped to the cement mixture.

Technical Data

Drum Capacity       10/7 Cubic feet
Mixing Drum  Heavy Duty with Bearing & MS Blades
Power  5 hp to 7.5 hp Electric Motor
Ring  Replaceable Cast Iron
Loading Hopper  Hydraulic Operated
Jack Leveling  Pin Type (2 Nos.)
Control Panel Load Indicator, Digital Power Contractor, MCB, Volt Meter,